"This is Your Pilot Speaking"

     My name is Marc Finney, I began flying drones in 2015 and I have been hooked since! I have been licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration for commercial drone use since August 29th, 2016. To fly a drone commercially you must pass a written exam at an accredited testing center. I also do all of the photo and video editing seen in my work.

    I graduated from Bucklin R-2 High School in Bucklin, Missouri in 2011 where I was both the Student Council President and the Business Club President as well as Yearbook photographer, editor, and business ad creator. In May of 2015 I graduated from Missouri Valley College with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and a Minor in Computer Information Systems.

    After purchasing my drone in 2015 I began researching drone photography businesses and what it took to start one myself. At that time you were required to obtain an airplane pilot's license and then complete extra paperwork to be allowed to use drones commercially. In 2016 the FAA released a new license specifically for drones. To become licensed I had to study aeronautical basics such as sectional charts, airport operations, and the physics of flying. I passed the test on the first day it was available.

    Since becoming a licensed drone pilot I have been busy doing work for local businesses and homeowners along with doing what I can to make Finney Aerial Photo a household name in our area. You can follow my business's growth on the Finney Aerial Photo Facebook page.

    I hope you enjoy all of my work and I look forward to doing work for you in the future!